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A little history about the first decade of RenoCross

And its roots as CrossVegas.

    CrossVegas saw immediate and impressive growth since its inaugural race in 2007, and each year attracted an increasingly elite field of U.S. and foreign racers as well as over 10,000 spectators to the Desert Breeze Soccer Complex in Las Vegas, Nevada, just minutes from the famous Vegas Strip. Within a relatively short time, CrossVegas  quickly ascended to the top of the international cylcocross racing scene and gained the stature  of being America's biggest cyclocross race.

    Interbike show attendees flocked to CrossVegas for after show fun under the lights including the “race for industry bragging rights,” the Wheelers & Dealers race.


    In 2015 and 2016, the race was selected as a World Cup on the UCI International Cyclocross calendar, one of only eight World Cup cross races worldwide and the first ever in the US.   In 2016, participants from 21 nations competed.


With the move of the Interbike show to Reno, CrossVegas packed up and headed north while taking on a new name RenoCross.


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