2009 Wheelers & Dealers

Wheelers and Dealers Results – All Categories Combined

Pos CAT Name Team City ST M/F Time
1 Manufacturer CARIVEAU Jon Moots Steamboat Springs CO M 0:28:02
2 Manufacturer COATS James Specialized campbell CA M 28:04
3 Manufacturer O’BRIEN Brendan Specialized MORGAN HILL CA M 28:15
4 Manufacturer MCCORMACK Mark Sales Rep For New England Foxboro MA M 28:21
5 Manufacturer BARTHEL George Giant Bicycles sherman oaks CA M 28:22
6 Distributor MCKONE John Northwave Usa Park City UT M
7 Manufacturer GIBSON Nick Yakima Bike Vigilantes Portland OR M 28:23
8 Distributor TAYLOR Ezra Qbp Minneapolis MN M 28:24
9 Manufacturer HAMMOND Andrew Specialized MORGAN HILL CA M 28:28
10 Manufacturer SIMPSON Matthew Pedros Londonderry NH M 28:40
11 Distributor MCMAHON Mike Team Veolcity Lake Forest CA M 28:43
12 Retailer HAMILTON Joe Montlake Bike Shop Shoreline WA M 28:55
13 Manufacturer RUSSELL Eric Clif Bar Berkeley CA M 28:56
14 Manufacturer OHRAN Matthew Cannondale Bicycle Corp SALT LAKE CITY UT M 28:59
15 Manufacturer CONDON David Yakima Bike Vigilantes WILSONVILLE OR M 29:04
16 Manufacturer LANGLEY Don Specialized Morgan Hill CA M 29:12
17 Retailer MEYER Brian Fairwheel Bikes Tucson AZ M 29:17
18 Retailer STULL James Chain Reaction Cycles Anchorage AK M 29:20
19 Manufacturer LINDSTROM Brett Mafia Racing Denver CO M 29:26
20 Manufacturer DOWNS Robert Planet Bike MADISON WI M 29:28
21 Retailer LINDQUIST Jack Incycle Bike Shop Los Angeles CA M 29:33
22 Media CANON Spencer Bicycle.Net Santa Monica CA M 29:34
23 Manufacturer SAUTTER Chris Yakima Bike Vigilantes Portland OR M 29:36
24 Retailer VILLENA John Retailer Chicago IL M 29:37
25 Retailer MABRY Jeff Mcghie’S Ski, Bike & Board las vegas NV M
26 Manufacturer ROPER Daniel Troy Lee Designs Salt Lake City UT M
27 Retailer NEELY Eric Reality Bikes Cumming GA M
28 Advocacy HERRING Jeff Advocacy Altadena CA M
29 Manufacturer DEPAEMELAERE Daniel Wheels Manufacturing LAFAYETTE CO M
30 Advocacy BLISS John Imba Boulder CO M
31 Retailer COYNE Brian Mcghie’S Ski, Bike & Board Henderson NV M 29:39
32 Retailer YOUNG Douglas Mcghie’S Ski, Bike & Board las Vegas NV M 29:40
33 Retailer CROCKER Rocky Team W.A.R. Wenatchee WA M 29:44
34 Manufacturer STEPNIOWSKI Waldek Clif Bar LITTLETON CO M 29:47
35 Manufacturer FORNES Brian Raleigh America SEATTLE WA M 29:50
36 Media MESECHER Robb Road Bike Action Magazine Stevenson Ranch CA M 29:55
37 Retailer WHITNEY Jd Echelon Sokes Lafayette CO M 29:56
38 Retailer PROPST Theo Cycle Sports liberty lake WA M 29:57
39 Retailer GELT Jeff Central Wheel Farmington CT M 29:58
40 Retailer TIM Kelley Retailers Boise ID M 29:59
41 Distributor SCHMIDT Todd Qbp Hopkins MN M 30:01
42 Manufacturer ELLMORE Dan Schlamm Ltd 0 UK M 30:06
43 Retailer LOVE Robert Blue Sky Velo Longmont CO M 30:12
44 Manufacturer TOMICH Petar Mavic Usa Groveland MA M
45 Retailer CLAUSSE Steve Mcghie’S Ski, Bike & Board LAS VEGAS NV M 30:21
46 Manufacturer WILLIAMS Casey Bear Valley Bikes BIG BEAR CITY CA M
47 Manufacturer SCARAFIOTTI John Krieg Cycling Wenatchee WA M 30:32
48 Distributor GROSSMAN Larry Squirt Lube Eagle CO M 30:33
49 Manufacturer KAUFMAN Larry Pure Energy Princeton NJ M 30:37
50 Distributor BOBUSCH Steve Qbp Euro Sports Group Minneapolis MN M 30:40
51 Manufacturer FEE David Yakima Bike Vigilantes PORTLAND OR M 30:42
52 Manufacturer SCHINDEHETTE David Specialized Campbell CA M 30:47
53 Manufacturer WENTHUR Cale Hayes Bicycle Group milwaukee WI M 30:51
54 Manufacturer MARES Scott Sibex Colorado Springs CO M 30:56
55 Retailer WEBER Colby Retailer Ventura CA M
56 Manufacturer HOWARD John John Howard Sports ENCINITAS CA M 31:00
57 Retailer KNEELAND Thom Ashland Bicycle Works Medford OR M 31:01
58 Retailer MACKEY Wayne Rtailer Sparks NV M 31:05
59 Manufacturer DEKOLD Erik Canari SAN MARCOS CA M 31:10
60 Retailer RANSWEILER James Mcghie’S Ski, Bike & Board Las Vegas NV M 31:15
61 Retailer TUMA Chris Mcghie’S Ski, Bike & Board HENDERSON NV M 31:22
62 Retailer WALKER Bob Barries Ski And Sports Pocatello ID M 31:33
63 Manufacturer ELGART John Voler Team Apparel Sacramento CA M 31:34
64 Manufacturer POWELL Don Panache Cyclewear Co. Boulder CO M 31:43
65 Retailer STANISLAV Tony Sunflower Bike Shop Kansas City MO M
66 Manufacturer SULLIVAN Sean Mavic Sport Newburyport MA M 32:03
67 Manufacturer SMITH Richard Fluid Acton CA M 32:11
68 Media REID Carlton Bikebiz Magazine Newcastle on Tyne UK M 32:27
69 Manufacturer GABRYS David Salsa Cycles St. Louis Park MN M 32:34
70 Distributor PREHN Thomas Cat Eye And Bicycle Research Boulder CO M 32:36
71 Media YEE Andrew Cyclocross Magazine Mountain View CA M 32:40
72 Manufacturer BROWN David Fluid San Luis Obispo CA M 32:48
73 Manufacturer HORNDASCH Daniel Chrome Bags San Francisco CA M 32:51
74 Retailer MARSHALL Stephen Bear Valley Bikes ENCINO CA M
75 Distributor SHERMAN Scott Olympic Supply Company Winona MN M 32:54
76 Retailer JACKSON Greg Spin Bike Shop Bay Village OH M 32:57
77 Retailer ANZOLA Reinaldo Mcghie’S Ski, Bike & Board LAS VEGAS NV M
78 Manufacturer STEUDEL Katy Hayes Bicycle Group Milwaukee WI F 33:15
79 Manufacturer FERRIER Jason Sheila Moon Oakland CA M 33:16
80 Manufacturer ANDERSON Alex Fox Racing SANTACRUZ CA M 33:20
81 Retailer COPLEA Tyler Oakley Chandler AZ M
82 Distributor WESSON Rob Quality Bicycle Products Minneapolis MN M 33:24
83 Retailer VERDEKEL Scott Topanga Creek Bicycles PALMDALE CA M 33:30
84 Advocacy MAIER Bruno Bikes Belong Coalition Boulder CO M 33:34
85 Distributor KNEALE Sean Sales Rep Aliso Viejo CA M 33:36
86 Retailer FITZGERALD Scott Fitzgeralds Bikes Victor ID M 33:48
87 Retailer WILLIAMS Cameron Bear Valley Bikes BIG BEAR CITY CA M 33:56
88 Media BURGOS Max Agent Los Angeles CA M 33:59
89 Retailer SNOOKS Allison Landry’S Bikes Framingham MA F 34:08
90 Manufacturer ELGART Linda Voler Team Apparel Sacramento CA F 34:12
91 Retailer FELTS Danny The Veloshop PORTLAND OR M 34:20
92 Manufacturer EDWARDS Carrie Sheila Moon Cycling Apparel Sausalito CA F 34:41
93 Retailer HEFLIN Brandon Incycle Pasadena CA M 34:47
94 Media JACOB Sisson Cyclocross Magazine Mattituck NY M 34:49
95 Advocacy ESBORG Erik Bikes Belong Coalition Arvada CO M 34:50
96 Manufacturer DEWAR Ian Specialized Morgan Hill CA M 34:59
97 Retailer TUNG Travis Mcghie’S Ski, Bike & Board LAS VEGAS NV M 36:15
98 Manufacturer WYSOCKI Wojtek The Massage Stick Gwinnet GA M 36:18
99 Distributor SNEAD Chris Stellina Sport Richmond VA M 32:47
100 Retailer HELLER Jay Mcghie’S Ski, Bike & Board LAS VEGAS NV M @1 LAP
101 Media TESSLER Jonathan Bicycle.Net Beverly Hills CA M @1 LAP
102 Retailer FONDREN Chris Lee’S Bikes Tulsa OK M @1 LAP
103 Manufacturer HAUGHEY Lauren Xtracycle Oakland CA F @1 LAP
104 Manufacturer TAYLOR Joe Sheila Moon Cycling Apparel San Francisco CA M @1 LAP
105 Retailer BRUNSON Kelley Bear Valley Bikes SUGARLOAF CA F @1 LAP

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