2007 Elite Men


    ELITE MEN    
Lap Distance:  3.3 km Number of Starters:  90    
Total Distance:  29.6 km Number of Finishers:  66    
No. of Laps:  9 Number Time Cut:  24    
Avg Speed:  30.35 kph Number of Lapped Riders:  12    
Placing U23 Name Team Nationality Time
1   TREBON Ryan Kona-Your Key Mortgage Team USA 0:58:28
2   HEULE Christian Stevens Bicycles SUI 0:58:28
3   POWERS Jeremy Cyclocrossworld.Com USA 0:58:30
4   WICKS Barry Kona-Your Key Mortgage Team USA 0:58:30
5   PAGE Jonathan Sun Web / Pro Job USA 0:58:36
6   KABUSH Geoff Team Maxxis CAN 0:58:52
7   BAKER Jonathan Primus Mootry USA 0:58:52
8   FRATTINI Davide Colavita/Sutter Home ITA 0:58:52
9   JOHNSON Tim Cyclocrossworld.Com USA 0:58:53
10   JONES Christopher Nerac Pro Cycling USA 0:59:02
11   MULLER Michael Inovex SUI 1:00:08
12   TOULOOSE Mathew Team Maxxis CAN 1:00:08
13   SHRIVER Matt Jittery Joe’S/Sonic Cyclocross USA 1:00:19
14   ANTHONY Jesse Jamis Bicycles USA 1:00:37
15   MCCORMACK Mark Team Clif Bar Cyclocross USA 1:01:23
16   PEARCE Colby Cody Racing USA 1:01:23
17   WELLS Todd Gt USA 1:01:30
18   HERMON Derek Bear Valley Bikes USA 1:01:30
19   WHITE Matthew Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team USA 1:01:57
20   SNEDDON Kris Kona-Your Key Mortgage Team CAN 1:02:00
21   JACQUES-MAYNES Andy California Giant Berry Farms USA 1:02:05
22   BRYAN Jim Ace Racing Team GBR 1:02:10
23   DWIGHT Brandon Boulder Cycle Sport USA 1:02:21
24   DEBROUX Whitey Einstein Bros / Mob Cyclery USA 1:02:28
25   PARBO Joachim Ccv-Cicli Protek DEN 1:02:33
26   DECKER Carl Team Giant USA 1:02:40
27   LEACH Ryan Gpoa-Cannondale USA 1:02:44
28   PETERSON Cody Scott Bicycles USA 1:02:44
29   WELLS Jake Mafiaracing.Com USA 1:02:44
30   BRADFORD – PARISH Kevin Redline Team USA 1:02:54
31   SCHOUTEN Tristan Planet Bike USA 1:02:54
32   KRIEG Sam Sienna Dev’T USA 1:03:03
33   NEYENS Daniel Hagens Bergman Cycling Team USA 1:03:13
34   CRAIG Adam Team Giant USA 1:03:22
35   WELLS Troy Team Clif Bar Cyclocross USA 1:03:22
36   BEHRENS John Black Mountain/Bailey USA 1:03:22
37   BROOKS Paul Kodakgallery.Com/Sierra Nevada USA 1:03:22
38   STEVENS Nicholas Waltworks/Fuentesdesign GBR 1:03:22
39   PLEWS Evan Capitol Subaru Cycling/Scottusa USA 1:03:33
40 * SELANDER Bjorn Ridley USA 1:03:45
41   BOTTGER Frederick Team Bearclaw USA 1:03:58
42   PACHOCA Matt Velo News USA 1:04:03
43   ODELL Aaron Hrs Rock Lobster Cycles USA 1:04:40
44   WYANDT David Hrs-Rocklobster USA 1:04:40
45   MARENCHIN Ernesto Asylum Cycles USA 1:05:02
46   MYERSON Adam Nerac Pro Cycling USA 1:05:14
47 * SUMMERHILL Danny Clif Bar Development Cross Team USA 1:05:26
48   CAMERON Molly Vanilla Bicycles-Stumptown Coffee USA 1:05:38
49   SCHMITT Damian Sunnyside Sports USA 1:05:57
50   ROBINSON Justin California Giant Berry Farms USA 1:06:06
51   IDDINGS Ryan Lapierre Usa USA 1:06:08
52   SCHNEIDER James Jittery Joe’S/Sonic Cycling USA 1:06:53
53   KELLER Scott Tribe Multisport USA 1:07:04
54   GOULET Ali Ridley Factory Team USA 1:07:04
55   LEGG Mark Spike Shooter NZL 1 Lap
56   BROWN Ian River City/Tonicfab.Com USA 1 Lap
57   EVANS Rob Stolen Underground USA 1 Lap
58   CARIVEAU Jon Moots USA 1 Lap
59   GALLAGHER Jon Cole Sport USA 1 Lap
60   OMYALL Gannon California Giant Berry Farms USA 1 Lap
61 * MCGRATH Adam Team Maxxis USA 1 Lap
62   HYDE Evan Nashvillecyclist.Com USA 1 Lap
63 * NOBLE Chance California Giant Berry Farms USA 1 Lap
64   ROSS Nat Subaru-Gary Fisher USA 1 Lap
65   FAWLEY Bryan Bicycle Sport Shop USA 2 Laps
66   LOWETZ Jason Teambearclaw USA 2 Laps
DNF   CODY Michael Bikereg.Com USA DNF
DNF   TILFORD Steve Hrrc/Trek Bike Store USA DNF
DNF   HORNER Christopher   USA DNF
DNF   JOHNSON Tyler Alan North American Cycling Team USA DNF
DNF   REEB Donald Cmg Racing/ Bike N Hike USA DNF
DNF   DIMMICK Chris Team Turin USA DNF
DNF   MISCHKE Joel Basalt Bike & Ski USA DNF
DNF   COLLIER Patrick Scott Bicycles USA DNF
DNF   COYLE Charles Success Living Presented By Parkpre USA DNF
DNF   DAMIANI Luca Colavita/Sutter Home ITA DNF
DNF   CRUZ Antonio Discovery Pro Cycling Team USA DNF
DNF   KRAMER Henry California Giant Berry Farms USA DNF
DNF   BESTWICK Andy Allegiant Air Team Pain Md USA DNF
DNF * HOSEY Michael Soulcraft USA DNF
DNF   AMES Samual Simply Fit/Action Sports USA DNF
DNF   LOPINTO Pete Kodakgallery.Com/Sierra Nevada USA DNF
DNF   ATTKISSON Kevin Texas Roadhouse Cycling USA DNF
DNF   DOWNS Robert Planet Bike USA DNF
DNF   PRONOVOST Hunter Anthem-Cccc USA DNF
DNF   LIGHTFIELD Darren Team Tamarack Resort USA DNF
DNF   SAGER Jason Monavie/Cannondale USA DNF
DNF   POSHARD Dean Hrs Rock Lobster Cycles USA DNF
DNF   HANSON Gary Factory Giant Team USA DNF
DNF   BAILEY John Bailey Bikes USA DNF
DNS   PRENZLOW Brent Alan North America Cycling Team USA DNS
DNS   GROVE Phil 53X11 Coffee USA DNS
DNS   JOHNSON Tim Cyclocrossworld.Com USA DNS

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